Friday, December 14, 2018

Natasha Denona Gold Eyeshadow Palette First Impressions

Before we jump into this post, I want to apologize for this being posted a couple days late! This week really kicked my butt, but in a good way. I got so much accomplished! With that being said, I only used this week's product twice so this is more of a first impressions post than a review.  
I have gone back and forth about purchasing a Natasha Denona product for a couple years. Her prices are kind of...okay I'll say it, ridiculous! I finally decided to treat myself (or bite the bullet) and purchase the Gold Palette during the Sephora Holiday sale. This palette usually retails for $129 at Sephora, Beautylish, and Natasha Denona's website. This palette gives me all the holiday feels! I love the gold shades (obviously!) and the pop of blue. 

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The first time I used this palette, I was going for a really glam look for my holiday photos with Santa (pictured below). I used the P.Louise eyeshadow base on my lid to prime. The matte shades I used kicked up a bit of powder in the pan but went on my eye so effortlessly, were super pigmented, and there was no fallout. I used the darker blue shimmer shade (Python) on my lid with a dry brush. I was pretty impressed with how opaque and intense the shadow was without wetting my brush. I did notice minimal fallout but nothing too crazy.  I used the lighter teal blue shimmer shade (Aurora) in my inner corner with a dry brush. I love this shade! It is so unique and can really transform an eye look. 

The second time I used this palette, I was going for a quick glam look. I used the Tarte Shape Tape concealer on my lid to prime. I used a couple of the matte brown shades (Aria and Teak) in my crease. Again, I noticed there was some kick back in the pan but they blended beautifully on my eye with no fallout. I applied the gold shade (Oro) all over my lid with a dry brush. Ahhhhh! This shade is so freaking gorgeous! It is SUPER pigmented and performs fabulously as is. I did notice a few specks of shimmer on my cheeks but again, it was nothing too crazy.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I have really enjoyed this palette so far. The quality of the shadows is insane. I hate to "recommend" a product that is so expensive. Honestly, there are so many other eyeshadow palettes out there with a similar color theme that also perform beautifully. But! If you are looking to treat yourself, I'd pick this up ASAP! I plan to use this palette on  Christmas to create a gold and blue smokey eye.

Side Note: Can we talk about my holiday photo?! I think I am going to make this a tradition. 

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