Thursday, October 4, 2018

Marshall's Makeup Haul & Tips on How to Find the Best Makeup at Marshall's & TJ Maxx

It's obvious I am obsessed with makeup but I am also obsessed with getting the best deal possible. I purchased all of these items pictured above at my local Marshall's for under $45.
I saved over $40 on this trip because normally all four of the Kat Von D products alone are $20 each. If you make a trip to either TJ Maxx or Marshall's for makeup my first tip is to take your time looking through the entire beauty section. All of the stores I've been to had several products that were stuffed into containers which requires a lot of digging. I found the Kat Von D lipsticks in a stand that was towards the end of the beauty section in a small container. This brings me to my second tip - try to make a trip during the week. It was a Sunday afternoon when I purchased the items from this haul. There were so many people in the store and even more people in the beauty section that were all trying to dig through everything. I had to walk away at one point because it was giving me major anxiety to have people bump into me or reach over me lol. I highly recommend making a trip during the week when the store first opens to avoid an anxiety attack. 🤣 My final tip is to open the makeup you find and make sure it is in good condition before you checkout. I purchased an ABH blush trio earlier this month and I did not check it. When I got home and opened it, I found someone had swatched it! Fortunately it wasn't a lip product and I was able disinfect it. It is also beneficial to check the makeup to make sure  nothing is broken. I hope these tips help you on your trip! 💋

I am super excited I found the Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks and one of the colors is my holy grail shade LOLITA!!! 

This highlighter palette was only $3.99! I can tell from the swatches the formula is not super blinding which is perfect for no makeup, makeup looks.
These mini Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks were also a great find!
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