Thursday, May 9, 2019

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Magic Star™ Concealer & Setting Powder Review

Two posts in two days?! Who am I? LOL 😅 I have a few days to myself this week, so I am really trying to get as much content out as I can. I have been trying lots of new products this past couple of months and have been so anxious to sit down and review them. Today we are talking about Jeffree Star Cosmetics new concealers and setting powders. Continue reading to see my thoughts on them...

I have been obsessed with Jeffree Star's products and his YouTube channel for a few years now. His liquid lipstick formula is probably my favorite ever and his highlighters are the bomb! Jeffree reviews so many products on his YouTube channel and gives the real tea on products. I love to watch his videos on products he reviews that cost a pretty penny because I know if he loves it, nine times out of ten I will love it. Needless to say, I was so excited to try his new concealers and setting powders!


Magic Star ™ Concealer

The concealers come in over 30 shades including two color correctors. The formula is full coverage, self-setting, and has anti-aging properties. Retails for $22.

Magic Star™ Setting Powder

The setting powders come in 8 shades. The powder is finely milled and creates a blurring effect and prevents creasing. Retails for $22.


Magic Star™ Concealer

It was really hard to choose which shade would be best for me online. Like any other online purchase, looks can be deceiving and I did not want to get a shade that was too dark or too light. I ended up going the shade "C16". My holy grail concealer is the Tarte Shape Tape in the shade Tan. Comparing the two shades, I would say the Magic Star™ concealer is maybe half a shade lighter than the Shape Tape. Can we say jackpot!? (Sidenote: The Jeffree Star Cosmetics website does have an exchange policy strictly for the concealers. If you purchase the wrong shade from their site, you can exchange it for the right one.)

This concealer is full coverage and has a medium consistency. Its unique doe foot applicator makes it extremely easy to apply under your eyes because it curves to the shape of your face. I blended this concealer out with a brush. I immediately noticed as I was blending the product out, how similar it felt to the Tart Shape Tape. The formula is pretty matte and sets amazingly on its own; like so well I probably did not need to use a powder. Throughout the day I noticed the concealer looked amazing! There was very minimal creasing and everything stayed in place. I have worn this concealer several times in different weather conditions and different lengths of time. No matter how long or short or hot or cold, this concealer always looks amazing. I highly recommend this product.

Magic Star™ Setting Powder

Like the concealer, I had a hard time choosing what shade of the setting powders would work for me. I went back and forth between the shade "Banana" and "Topaz". I ended up going with shade "Topaz" and I am so happy I did. This shade is perfect for my skin tone because it brightens my undereye and there is no flashback. This powder is very fine and smells like cotton candy. I used this powder first to set my concealer and OMG! I have not been able to put this powder down. This powder has the most incredible blurring power and really combats the oils that are produced throughout the day. I started setting my entire face with this powder because I wanted/needed that blurring effect everywhere. All of this AND it smells like a dream? You need this powder!

Thank you so much for reading! I am waiting on my package from the Sephora VIB sale, so if it comes, there will be another post tomorrow! 

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