Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Kylie Cosmetics Halloween Collection 2018 Review

Kylie Cosmetics has released SO many collections this year! The Halloween collection was released October 13th, which was just a few weeks after the Kylie X Jordyn Collection that was released in late September. I honestly have been super overwhelmed by the back to back releases because I genuinely love her brand and have serious FOMO; so skipping out on a collection is just not an option for me. 🤣  

This collection consisted of an eyeshadow palette($42), four lipsticks($17 each), one lip kit($30), one lip gloss($15), two glitter eyes($20 each), and a highlighter ($20). I picked up the eyeshadow palette, both glitter eyes, one lipstick, and the highlighter. 

To be completely honest, I am super disappointed with this collection. The packaging is 3D and comes with 3D glasses which is so creative. When I saw the collection on Kylie's Snapchat I was super excited because everything looked amazing. Sadly, the products did not match my excitement. The eyeshadow palette performed okay, but it was nothing spectacular and definitely not worth $42. I like the orange shade "Hey Pumpkin" because it has just the right amount of shimmer so it can double as both a lid or transition shade.
I expected the yellow shade "Bat Sh*t Crazy" to be super pigmented and metallic after s
eeing swatches but there was barely any color pay off, even after I wet my brush.  

The Glitter Eyes products are the most disappointing from this collection. I purchased two Glitter Eyes when the Weather Collection was released earlier this year. I hated the formula because you could not blend the shadow out after it dried. A couple collections ago, Kylie had mentioned Glitter Eyes had a new and improved formula. That was the reason why I decided to give this product another go. I noticed in her promotion pictures for this product she has some models showing the product blended out, others have it applied like an eyeliner, or a lid shade for a cut crease. Unfortunately, not much has changed with the formula. I still had a very difficult time blending these shadows out. There was so much fall out! The glitter also starts to crack after it has dried if you layer too much - which is really a drag because you need a couple coats to make it opaque. I will try to play with this product again since I did buy it but for now I am not impressed.

The only two products I am happy with from this collection is the highlighter and lipstick. The highlighter "Go Ghost" is a super unique shade that appears white in the pan but has a iridescent gold color when it is applied to the skin. This is not my favorite highlighter but it is probably the most unique highlighter I own. The lipstick shade I picked up is "Creep It Real" , a nice neutral nude. I am so happy I chose this color because it is a dark enough nude that I can wear alone without using a brown lip liner. 

FINAL THOUGHTS: I would save your coins with this collection. The packaging is more exciting than the products. If you are still interested in something from this collection, I would recommend a lipstick or the highlighter.

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